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feeble-minded fey.



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My morning in Gijon. I am ridiculously happy to be in Spain. I haven’t felt this zen for months (although I am waiting for the other shoe to drop). 


Cinque Terre, Italy


Blooming Flowers by Marius Kastečkas

But I’m off to Dublin and then Spain…

…so things aren’t THAT bad. ;)

Packing sucks

28 hours in transit, 48 hours no sleep. I feel like a zombie and I look like one too. Bed time. 

Hi London. 

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I can’t believe I have managed to fit my entire life into a backpack once again (granted, it’s fucking huge). Time to fly. 

I sent my best friend a snapchat selfie looking shocking without makeup and a mustache drawn on. She took a screen shot and showed her boyfriend. Trust broken forever. 

I move to Europe next week!

that is all.